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We took over our new business adventure in Frankfort July 2012 and immediately sought out the Chamber in Frankfort. Being a Chamber member not only meant we immediately increased our networking capabilities, but also let our customers know we were credilble and ‘meant business.’ We chose a premier membership to take advantage of the advertising opportunities, the publicity and exposure. We are proud to see our logo displayed at events and along side Dinghy’s, State Savings, Graceland Fruit and the Benzie County Visitors Bureau as premier corporate sponsors on the website, at major events and ads. There are many things a new or existing business can do to increase sales and exposure, but membership in our local Chamber was a must for our business to succeed and thrive.

Has it increased our sales? Let’s just we are happy campers!

Support your Chamber – it’s important for your business and our community!


The rewards of Chamber membership for Dinghy’s are numerous. Most importantly, as a member of the Chamber Dinghy’s gets the exposure alongside all the other Chamber members that support the community, which lends credibility to our business.

There’s no question that the events sponsored by the Chamber are successful in bringing visitors – from near and far – to the community. Dinghy’s sales during event weekends consistently exceed non-event weekends by a substantial margin. Further, many visitors tell us that their first visit was during one of the events and are returning now because of the great experience they have had.

Many of Dinghy’s customers have told us of the contact they had made with the Chamber before making their trip to our community. New visitors, and even returning visitors, contact the Chamber by phone, or by simply coming into the office, where the dedicated staff provides information and referrals to Chamber members. The website also provides excellent opportunity for members to gain exposure to potential visitors who are actively searching for information on everything from lodging to plumbing to dining.

Aside from the positive impact on sales, Chamber membership provides the best opportunity to support the community that we live in. For this community to continue to prosper, that support is critical.

Steve Christian

Owner, Dinghy’s Restaurant & Bar

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